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As a long time critic of the Featured Desktop posts at, I was determined to tell the world about the endless possibilities of desktop customization through comments on their posts. Well, today MY desktop was featured, so I feel vindicated and like my words weren't passed over completely. Here's a link to the post:…

Big thanks goes to Lifehacker writer The How-To Geek.

Also a big thanks to all my watchers, and those who've +fav'ed my recent work. I really appreciate the support, and it only encourages me to keep submitting stuff.

Check out some of my latest:

Photowalls 4
Herbe Deux wallpaper
Herbe wallpaper
Slats wallpaper
Photowalls 3
I just reached 750 favorites! I reached 600 just a couple months ago. Huge thanks to everyone for the support.

I've got over 11k page views, almost 140 watchers, and I'm approaching 115k total deviation views. I obviously owe it all to you guys, and I'll promise to keep churning stuff out for you.

Make sure you peep my latest wallpaper… and my Photowall packs……… if you haven't already. I also recently re-uploaded the parts of the Lucid suite from 2007 that I worked on as well:……

As always, check out <a>pixelfuckers for all of the latest and greatest from the group of all-star customizers that I'm proud to call my friends. There's a suite in the works over there that I know will blow your mind. You can also check out my profile here: I can't forget about the site that started it all for me.

All the best,

Well, I recently eclipsed 600 favorites from fellow users. I'm also quickly approaching 100,000 total pageviews on my deviations.

Checking my gallery stats, I see that my Woodwork Visual Style… has received over 20,000 pageviews and has been favorited over 70 times.

Make sure to check out my latest screenshot… and my Photowall packs:………

A million thanks for all the support, and I'll do my best to keep producing likable stuff.

Also, check out pixelfuckers if you have a spare minute, and if you want, consider registering & submitting something.

Thanks again everyone.

Well, I've finally reached 10,000 page views.

Thanks to everyone who's visited my page over the last five years.

If you haven't already, check out my latest screenshot,… Thanks to your support, the shot took second place in the 2009 Screenshot Contest over at

Thanks again, and here's to the next 10k :D

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For all you who are Linux users and also fans of my Lucid visual style, :iconthrynk: has created ports for kde and Pekwm.

you can download them here:


thanks a ton everybody :D

even though i've had this account since '03, i've only recently been submitting what i'd call 'decent' stuff.

thanks for the lovin' everyone and here's to the next 3,000 :)

check out my newest screenshot:…

Check out the update to Lucid:…